[WATCH] Former Prime Minister says Malta should offer medical aid to ISIS soldiers

Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici says Malta should offer medical aid to ISIS soldiers fighting in Libyan civil war, accuses Maltese government of backing EU's anti-Russia policies

Former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici
Former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici

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Former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifusd Bonnici tore into Malta's foreign policy, accusing the government of breaching the country's constitutional neutrality by supporting a war between the West and Russia and by not offering medical aid to injured ISIS soldiers.

In a press conference, Mifsud Bonnici - now leader of the Campaign for National Independence – lambasted Malta for supporting Western interventionist policies in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Indeed, he said that today's election of Donald Trump as US President represented a condemnation of Western foreign policy by the American electorate.

“Malta supported the Iraq War on the basis of the lie that [Saddam Hussein] had weapons of mass destruction and the Libya rebellion on the false allegations that Gaddafi was committing genocide against his own people. It is now supporting the deposition of [Syrian president] Bashar al-Assad on the basis of a lie that Islamic extremists want to establish a democracy in the country, and has not condemned Israeli aggression in Palestine and Saudi aggression in Yemen.”

He said that Malta should offer medical aid to ISIS soldiers who suffer injuries in the Libyan civil war, both from a humanitarian standpoint and because it already offers such aid to other Libyan fighters.

He welcomed the fact that Malta is the only EU country not listed in the global coalition against IS, and urged the militant group to recognize this fact and spare the island any terrorist attacks.

“ISIS was set up as a reaction to Western hostility in Arab countries, and if Malta condemns ISIS then it must likewise also condemn Western countries,” he said.  

Mifsud Bonnici also accused the Maltese government of backing a war between the West and Russia, which he warned is becoming an ever-growing possibility.

"Instead of pressuring countries to disarm themselves, Malta has supported the EU's policy to arm countries that lie on the border with Russia, a policy that will see the EU move closer to a war against Russia."

He harshly criticised foreign affairs minister George Vella’s recent announcement that Malta will not allow Russian warships to refuel in the island on their way to Syria as [Malta] “party to the obscenities being committed in Aleppo”.

“Atrocities in Aleppo are not only being committed by the Russian and Syrian governments, but by the Islamic extremists they are fighting against,” he said. “Moreover, the Iraqi government – with the aid of the USA and Europe – is bombing Mosul in Iraq [a city held by IS], which also constitutes war atrocities. Therefore, if Malta refuses to allow Russian warships to refuel in our ports, then logic states that it should also close the ports to Western warships.”