Network of Young Women Leaders makes pitch for full-time Parliament

Network of Young Women Leaders says full-time Parliament will encourage more women to run for election 

The Network of Young Women Leaders was set up earlier this year
The Network of Young Women Leaders was set up earlier this year

An NGO representing young women has recommended that Parliament start operating on a full-time basis to encourage more women to contest general elections.

“[A full-time Parliament] will encourage more women to engage in contesting general elections due to the more regular hours and since MPs would not require doing it as part-time,” the Network of Young Women Leaders said in a policy document. “This change will also give more importance to the role of parliamentarians as decision-makers of this country.”
The NGO, which was launched earlier this year, also said it is vital that childcare and breast-feeding facilities are set up inside the Parliament building or within walking distance.

“This will encourage more male MPs to further engage in parenting roles and act as role models for other men, as well as encourage more women to participate in general elections,” it said.

On 10 March 2013, 69 candidates were elected to parliament, 10 of whom were women (14.5%). Collectively, the total number of candidates fielded by the Labour Party, the Nationalist Party and Alternattiva Demokratika amounted to 269. But only 40 were women (15%).

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has floated a proposal to introduce a gender quota for MPs. However, the NYWL retorted that political parties should aim for gender parity in their own lists of candidates. 

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