Updated | Ray Bugeja accuses Adrian Delia of ‘self-centred politics’

Ray Bugeja, who once hoped to become leader of the Nationalist Party, claims Adrian Delia turned down election nominations because he adopts ‘self-centred politics’

Former PN leadership contender, Ray Bugeja
Former PN leadership contender, Ray Bugeja

Businessman Ray Bugeja enjoys sharing leadership advice on Twitter. He has actively commented about the “Labour leadership election in the UK” – although many had interpreted those comments as being aimed at PN leader Simon Busuttil who at the time faced criticism over his leadership skills – and about the Labour government in Malta.

Now, he’s sharing his thoughts on Adrian Delia.

Like Delia, Bugeja once also hoped to become leader of the Nationalist Party, having contested the leadership election in 2013. But he had lost the race to Busuttil.

Reacting to a story published by MaltaToday, the 65-year-old entrepreneur accused Delia of adopting “self-centred politics”.

Delia, a lawyer and president of the Birkirkara football club, confirmed with MaltaToday that he had twice turned down requests by the Nationalist Party to contest the elections on the party ticket.

He told MaltaToday that he had turned down both invitations because of his young children and his career.

But taking to Twitter, Bugeja said: “A leadership contestant turns down two general elections because he does not want to lose – or win. Either way, it is self-centred politics.”

There are four contestants eyeing the leadership post: Delia, Chris Said, Alex Perici Calascione and Frank Portelli.

A couple of hours later, a post went up on Delia’s official Facebook page, in which he speaks of his dedication to the party and how he wants to be at the service of the PN.

“I feel that I am now well-prepared to give my best to the party and to the country,” Delia said.

Footage from an interview he gave to the Malta Independent accompanied the post.

“I never tried to build a career out of politics. But now that I have gained life experience, I am ready to offer it all to the party. This was no easy step for my family and myself but people’s support continues to fuel me with energy.”

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