PN executive committee will not sanction Edwin Vassallo for defying whip on Marriage Equality Bill

The Nationalist Party says that no action will be taken against Edwin Vassallo, who in a vote in Parliament on the Marriage Equality Bill went against the party whip and voted against the Bill

No action will be taken against Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo, who defied his party's whip and voted against the Marriage Equality Bill in Parliament on 12 July, citing moral convictions.

In a statement released today, the PN said that party leader Simon Busuttil and the executive committee had agreed that no action would be taken.

“We should focus on important matters. The important thing here isn’t the fact that one deputy voted against but the great leap forward the Nationalist Party did in favour of equality in our country," Busuttil said.

"I am proud to have brought the party to do such an important step. However, I understand that it was a difficult step for some individuals. This decision is now over and we must look forward, focusing on unity and not on which steps are going to be taken against one or another."

During the meeting, Busuttil also praised several parliamentary group members who may have objected to the bill but still opted to vote in line with the party's position.

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