Cardona calls Said ‘Goliath’, compares PN to Divine Comedy

PL deputy leader for party affairs Chris Cardona describes PN leadership contender Chris Said as a 'Goliath from Gozo', but says his attempts to scare the Labour party are futile

PL deputy leader Chris Cardona says the PN is threatening the country's democracy
PL deputy leader Chris Cardona says the PN is threatening the country's democracy

The Labour Party deputy leader for party affairs Chris Cardona today compared Nationalist Party leadership contender Chris Said to a “Goliath from Gozo”, who “believes he can scare us off.”

“We don’t mind,” Cardona said. “We weren’t afraid of [former PN leaders] Eddie Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi, or [former PN MP] Austin Gatt, and we’re not afraid of Chris Said.”

Cardona, who was addressing a political activity in Bormla, also claimed that the PN was now a “dangerous soap opera” that threatened the democracy of our country.

The MP insisted that the PL’s cabinet, on the other hand, was tightly-knit as opposed to “the PN’s instability” and that there had been “no honeymoon period” for the PL, which had “immediately gone to work on its proposals”.

In firther attacks on the PN, Cardona said outgoing leader Simon Busuttil had driven supporters out of the party with his false accusations and claims.

Chris Fearne
Chris Fearne

The party's deputy leader for parliamentary affairs, Chris Fearne, who also adfdressed the activity, touted Labour’s successes, saying “this is the first time in 30 years that the country is earning more than it pays out”.

“Our vision is to make Malta the envy of the world,” he insisted.

Fearne criticised calls to not pay for the first day of employees' sick leave. “Labour is the party of workers," he said. "You don’t use workers when they’re healthy and throw them away when they’re sick."

With reference to comments in Illum by PN election candidate Joe Ellis, who said the PN risked being split, Fearne quipped that the PN had shown it could not even find a leader. “How is it going to find two?”

He outlined the future goals for the party, stating that social housing, increases in minimum wage and eradicating poverty would remain a priority for the government.

"IVF law reforms are also in the works," Fearne said.

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