[WATCH] Adrian Delia will not commit to supporting Chris Said’s motion

PN leader bypasses question on Chris Said motion calling for broad inquiry of people against whom allegations of wrongdoing were made by Daphne Caruana Galizia; insists motion will have to first be discussed in parliamentary group

Adrian Delia meets Archbishop Charles Scicluna at the Curia (Photo by James Bianchi)
Adrian Delia meets Archbishop Charles Scicluna at the Curia (Photo by James Bianchi)
PN leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia will be waiting for a parliamentary group discussion on a private member's motion filed by MP Chris Said before commenting on its contents.

Delia was asked this afternoon about the motion brought forward by Chris Said which asks the Prime Minister to set up an inquiry to investigate allegations made by Daphne Caruana Galizia. The motion implies Delia will also be subjected to the inquiry having featured prominently in the slain journalist's blog over the summer months.

Delia insisted the motion was not discussed within the parliamentary group even though he acknowledged that Said did show it to him. “Before it is discussed, I don’t think I should comment on the matter,” he said.

The PN leader also shunned calls for him to seek a magisterial inquiry into the claims agains him so that he could clear his name. He insisted there was no real basis for an investigation. "It is not normal for there to be a judicial process if there is no basis to [the claims]. If any such basis does crop up, I will cooperate fully with the relevant authorities in their investigations."

Caruana Galizia had taken Delia to task over an offshore account he held more than a decade ago and his professional links to a Maltese family at the time that owned an apartment block in London used for prostitution purposes. Delia has insisted the account was held on behalf of his client and denied wrongdoing.

Delia beat Chris Said in the PN leadership race last September after winning the support of party members in a race that fostered deep divisions. Delia still does not enjoy the support of all PN MPs.

As to whether he will be asking Jason Azzopardi to assume political responsibility for a decision involving a Spinola development when he had been minister in a previous administration, Delia said that he will be meeting with Azzopardi this evening to hear his version of events in parliament. "Only after hearing what he has to say, will I make a decision." 

The PN leader spoke to the media following a courtesy call on Archbishop Charles Scicluna at the Curia in Floriana.

“The church wishes to work for the common good with all the institutions in the country. As Opposition leader, you have an important role,” the archbishop told Delia.

Thanking the archbishop for inviting him for the meeting, Delia said that it is important to meet for such discussions which could serve to unite rather than divide, particularly when the country was going through a difficult time.