Family in dispute with authorities over mishandling of elderly woman

A Maltese family is demanding an inquiry and an apology over how a just-deceased elderly woman mysteriously suffered a wound to the head while being transported to the mortuary.

Weekly newspaper Illum reports that the case dates back to 15 January, when the elderly woman passed away at Jeanne Antide Home in Attard (which falls under Mount Carmel’s management) at age 97.

She was transferred to the home as part of the ‘migration’ of elderly patients who were previously cared for at Zammit Clapp and Karin Grech hospitals.

A close relatives of the woman told Illum that after having passed away, her corpse was loaded into a mortuary van that was to transport her to the Mater Dei mortuary.

“When we got to the mortuary room and headed inside to see her for the last time, the workers there looked shocked,” a relative said. “The sheet covering her was stained with blood, and there was a deep wound on her forehead. I could even see bone.”

“When she died, her body was intact and unmarked and we can confirm that until she was loaded onto the van, she was not wounded in any way,” she confirmed. “When we got to the mortuary, even the workers looked shocked, and urged us to lodge a report.”

“Every person should retain their dignity, even in death,” the relative maintained.