Agreement between MIDI and Gzira local council on Manoel Island imminent – Muscat

The Prime Minister said that the government had stepped in and facilitated an agreement between the two parties that would benefit both the consortium and the people

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the MDA annual general meeting
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the MDA annual general meeting

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Thursday that an agreement was soon to be signed between the MIDI consortium and the Gzira local council, over the controversial Manoel Island Development.

Muscat said the government had played a part in facilitating the agreement between MIDI and the council, which he described as a guardianship deal that would set criteria for the type of development that could take place on the island, while ensuring that the people of Gzira were not shut out of the island. The consortium, he said, had understood that it could not have the local population against it for the project to succeed.

Muscat was speaking at the Malta Developers Association’s annual general meeting, which he attended together with a considerable number of government ministers. Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia was also present and was also accompanied by a considerable number of PN MPs.

Addressing the AGM, MDA president Sandro Chetcuti said that during 2017, the MDA had again achieved good results within an industry that continued to grow, in no small part due to Muscat’s “magics”.

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