[WATCH] Adrian Delia calls on government to declare position on abortion

The Nationalist Party leader also invited the Muscat administration to intiate discussions on pensions

Delia insists that the Nationalist Party is in favour of life from conception till natural death
Delia insists that the Nationalist Party is in favour of life from conception till natural death

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has called on the government to clearly state its position on abortion in Malta, while reaffirming the PN’s commitment to defend life from conception.

Addressing a political activity in Msida, Delia said that in introducing amendments to the country’s domestic violence law, the government had also removed a reference to the unborn child.

“Joseph Muscat’s government has to declare whether it is in favour or against abortion,” Delia said.

Turning to pensions, Delia said that the matter should be placed at the top of the government’s agenda, adding that if the government doesn’t initiate a discussion on pensions within one month, the PN will be doing it itself.

“The elderly’s duty in society is not over, they have a lifetime of experiences that can be used to improve the community we live in.”

Delia also challenged the government to explain why the gender wage gap had increased in the last four years.

On gender quotas for MPs, Delia said that if the Labour government really wanted to put women on the fore front of its political agenda, they should be recommended to sit on government boards. Instead, he said, the number of women on government boards had halved since 2013.

“You do not favour equality, you favour votes and marketing to once again mislead the electorate,” Delia claimed.

According to the PN leader, to really put women on the fore front, the government needed to remove hurdles that women faced in the workplace.

Delia also stated that it was high time for women that stay at home to be compensated for their work, as it represented the biggest investment in Maltese society.

He criticised the government for having stopped to invest in infrastructure, and said that within ten years, there will up to 100,000 foreign workers in Malta. Despite this, the government has refused to tackle this issue, said Delia, adding that if it kept doing so consequences on the local community would be dire.

“The government is only looking at numbers and statistics without looking to invest in the future,” he said. 

Moreover, the PN leader said that despite registering a budgetary surplus, there had been no capital investment in any sector.

Delia went on to say that if elected, the PN would invest in the Police Force once again, in a bid to assure Maltese families that they could leave in safety.

Above all, he said the PN wanted to country and its people to succeed, and that his party would be criticizing the government, but also providing the people with a sound alternative.