Update 2 | Missing diver found dead at Bahar ic-Caghaq

The body of 20-year-old Neil Zammit was found by the Armed Forces of Malta a day after he went missing 

Neil Zammit was reported missing on Monday evening
Neil Zammit was reported missing on Monday evening

The body of 20-year-old Neil Zammit, has been found at the bottom of the sea some 24 hours after he went missing while diving. His body was found at sea at around 4:15pm on Tuesday.

The discovery was confirmed by both the police and the Armed Forces of Malta, whose divers found Zammit’s body.

Spearfishing enthusiast Neil Zammit was reported missing after he failed to surface from a dive late on Monday afternoon. He was reported missing by a friend he was diving with.

Zammit administered a Facebook page called Adventure & Spearfishing, where he would keep his followers up to date on his adventures. 

The search for the young man began on Monday night, with the AFM deploying a patrol boat and helicopter for the operation.

The search for Zammit continued on Tuesday morning, however the AFM divers were called out of the water after a large fish was spotted in the area.

The divers were back in the water in a matter of hours and ultimately found Zammit’s body.

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