Long-standing propagandist John Zammit resigns PN job

John Zammit is to ‘seek new pastures’ after resigning his job as political editor of the Nationalist Party’s media arm

PN political editor John Zammit
PN political editor John Zammit

The long-standing voice on the Nationalist Party radio station, delivering the daily dose of editorial propaganda, John Zammit, has resigned.

The news was disseminated in a PN statement signed jointly by secretary general Clyde Puli and Zammit himself in a bid to dispel a One News report that the two fell out.

Zammit occupied the role of political editor with the PN media arm, Media.Link Communications.

He gave notice of his resignation from the job, two days ago.

The PN said Puli and Zammit met yesterday evening “in the spirit of the long personal friendship between them” after Zammit submitted his notice to “seek new pastures”. The pair described the One News report as a lie.

“John Zammit remains committed 100% to the PN, which is the only alternative to the corrupt Labour government,” the statement read.

Zammit has for long militated in the PN and been part of the party’s electoral strategy teams over the years.

His resignation, some three months before the European Parliament election came as a surprise to many.