Norman Lowell interview turns Hitler-fest as F Living gives far-rightist free rein

Nazi apologist Norman Lowell gets 90 minutes of unhindered television airtime on F Living interview to talk about mercy killing of the disabled and his admiration of Adolf Hitler

Enjoying himself: Norman Lowell was given a free hand to say whatever he wanted, unchallenged
Enjoying himself: Norman Lowell was given a free hand to say whatever he wanted, unchallenged
Norman Lowell interview turns into eulogy for Hitler and Mussolini

Free rein to far-rightist Norman Lowell turned an F Living channel interview into an unhindered eulogy to Nazi Germany and the mercy killing of disabled human beings. 

The interview on the small cable television channel was carried out with little mediation from Lowell’s interviewer, who put up little or no challenge at all to the Nazi apologist’s statements. 

Lowell was bluntly asked whether he agreed with Adolf Hitler’s “administration” of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, to which he replied with a curt “yes” without being asked to justify himself by the presenter of the interview show Attwali.

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Lowell, 73, will be running for MEP in the 2019 elections for the third time. 

But his statements emboldened callers-in to express agreement with statements Lowell made about Nazi Germany. 

“What people don’t know about Hitler is that he carried out many economic miracles,” one such caller-in, Tonio, told Lowell. 

“Many Maltese see Hitler as an evil man... killed many Jews, etc etc. Many Maltese don’t understand the many great things Hitler did, as did Benito Mussolini in Italy. These two countries were changed from poor nations into the continent’s best countries, and it is important that this gets properly explained to audiences. 

“The way fascism and Nazism get depicted as sinful or sacrilegious is eroding the identity of Europe. This is what liberals want: I am referring to those six MEPs. In your hands, Norm...” 

The ageing Lowell, now prone to asking the interviewer to repeat his questions, was given liberty to expound on his admiration for Hitler. 

“Hitler was born poor, a vagabond. He read all the books of six libraries in Vienna. He was very intelligent. And when he took power, he found Germany with six million people unemployed because of WWI and the Great Depression. In two years, he achieved full employment. That is Hitler. 

“Mussolini left the greatest monuments to Italy: the granite train station of Milan – the most beautiful of all train stations - Roma Eur, the removal of the swamps...” 

He seemed easily titillated as the interviewer read out names of women who had left messages to say they will give him their number 1 vote preference in the election. “Tell Josette Pisani that if she wants I too will give her my number one,” Lowell tittered, with the interviewer laughing at the frisson of sexual suggestion. 

Lowell also said his party Imperium Europa wanted the mercy killing of “horribly deformed” human beings.