Illegally dumped animal waste shuts down sewage treatment plant

Water Services Corporation files police report after the Ta’ Barkat sewage treatment plant had to be shut down because illegally discharged animal waste clogged machinery

The animal waste and straw that clogged up the Ta' Barkat sewage treatment plant (Photo: WSC)
The animal waste and straw that clogged up the Ta' Barkat sewage treatment plant (Photo: WSC)

Animal waste that was illegally dumped into the public sewage system has forced the closure of the Ta’ Barkat treatment plant, the Water Services Corporation said.

A police report has been filed, the WSC said in a statement on Wednesday.

The animal waste, including straw, clogged the plant’s screening areas and operations had to be switched off until the machinery is cleaned.

“The WSC would like to note that unfortunately, the Ta’ Barkat sewage plant had to be put offline due to a very large quantity of illegally discharged animal waste. Crucial segments of the plant operations, mainly related to sewage screening areas have been clogged,” the corporation said.

As a result of the plant stoppage, the WSC said the production of new water for agricultural purposes has been interrupted and will remain so over the next five days until the situation is stabilised.

“The corporation's workers are doing their utmost to limit the inconvenience and restore operations as soon as possible.  A police report on the matter has also been filed,” the WSC said.

It also urged consumers to observe the rules of what should be dumped in the sewage system, which it described as very complex and delicate.

“Such infrastructure is damaged through the improper use of the urban sewer system. It is therefore very important that only human toilet waste and degradable toilet paper are discharged in the system,” the WSC said.

Any suspected foul play or problems with the sewer can be reported to the corporation on Freephone: 8007 6400.

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