Removing Delia won't solve PN's problems, Ryan Callus says

Adrian Delia should stay on as leader, but drastic reforms allowing everyone to voice their opinions must be implemented, Nationalist MP insists

The solution to the Nationalist Party’s problems is not to remove its beleaguered leader, Ryan Callus said.

The PN MP said drastic reforms which would allow everyone to voice their views had to be implemented, but insisted this should take place with Adrian Delia at the helm.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Callus said he had always believed that a lasting solution to the party’s issues had to be one which could bridge the different Nationalist factions.

“I expressed as much during the PN parliamentary group meeting, but unfortunately this was given a different interpretation by some of the media reports,” Callus said.

Callus had reportedly, during a PN parliamentary group meeting in June, made somewhat subtle suggestions that Delia should step down.

But the former Siġġiewi deputy mayor said he had in the past few days met with several Nationalist supporters, who had told him of their concern about the state the party found itself it.

“This confirmed what I had been thinking all along,” Callus said, “At this moment in time, I believe the solution shouldn’t be to remove the party leader, Adrian Delia.”

Callus added that he would continue giving his full contribution, as he had done during European and local council elections.