Adrian Delia shuns MPs' advice to ‘relaunch’ himself by seeking a vote of confidence

INSIDE THE PN PARLIAMENTARY GROUP MEETING | MPs were generally unimpressed by Adrian Delia’s 10-point plan for regeneration

The parliamentary group meeting took place on the fourth floor of the PN HQ in Pieta
The parliamentary group meeting took place on the fourth floor of the PN HQ in Pieta

  • PN leader proposes national convention to discuss the PN’s vision and future
  • Some MPs called for Delia's outright resignation

Adrian Delia was having none of the criticism levelled towards him during Tuesday night’s parliamentary group meeting insisting he will “definitely not” seek a vote of confidence.

MaltaToday is in a position to reveal that the Nationalist Party leader was advised by MPs Claudio Grech, Mario de Marco and Ivan Bartolo to seek a vote of confidence.

These MPs advised Delia to “relaunch” himself by seeking a vote of confidence in the PN general council after the European and local councils election results.

“Definitely not,” Delia replied on more than one occasion. Sources said PN secretary general Clyde Puli justified the decision on the grounds that the leader was elected by party members and not councillors.

MaltaToday had received information soon after the parliamentary group meeting ended in the early hours of Wednesday that more than 10 MPs had asked Delia to resign or call a vote of confidence.

The information contradicted what Delia told journalists at the end of the meeting that he faced no calls for his resignation.

The PN leader is adamant that he will stay on to lead the party to the next general election.

This news portal is now in a position to reveal more information on what happened inside the parliamentary group meeting.

Delia faced outright calls for his resignation from Beppe Fenech Adami, Karl Gouder, Jason Azzopardi and a few other MPs.

Sources said subtler suggestions to leave were made by Ryan Callus and MEP Roberta Metsola.

Former leader Simon Busuttil was coy, insisting that something had to be done after the two massive defeats in the European Parliament and local councils elections.

During the meeting, MPs complained of the attacks by former PN media chief Pierre Portelli on Jason Azzopardi and Karol Aquilina. Delia promised to stand up for the whole group, something he did when giving a statement to the media outside the headquarters.

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Some MPs also lamented the significant presence of Delia supporters outside the headquarters.

Around 100 people turned up outside the building in a show of support for Delia, waiting in the lobby and on the streets for the meeting to end. The meeting lasted almost six hours.

10-point plan

During the meeting, Delia presented the same 10-point plan for regeneration that he put forward during Monday night’s stormy meeting of the executive.

However, MaltaToday is informed that MPs were generally unimpressed by the proposals.

These included regular fortnightly meetings of the parliamentary group, regular meetings with party members and a national convention to discuss the party’s vision and future.

Another proposal Delia put forward was to rope in people from outside the party to help in drawing up a strategy.