Nobody injured in Naxxar apartment fire

Nobody injured and no extensive damage reported in second-floor apartment fire in Naxxar

Firefighters put out a fire in a Naxxar apartment on the second floor, near Torri tal-Kaptan street next to the Trade Fair.

Nobody was injured in the fire, which occurred while the apartment's occupants were outside.

It is believed the fire could have started from an overheating charging appliance, but damage inside the apartment was said not to be extensive.

Firefighters appeared on the scene minutes after being alerted at around 8:30pm, when most of the street's residents evacuated the immediate area.

They accessed the apartment through the second-floor balcony, before the owner of the house arrived at around 8:45pm. 

A plume of black smoke covered the block of apartments as firefighters entered the building, and the stench of burning plastic lingered around the entire neighbourhood.

Emergency doctors, an ambulance and police officers were also on site. Firefighters finally cleared the area at around 9:26pm.

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