[WATCH] Nadur road potholes raise safety concerns

A video posted online shows potholes along Nadur road which appears to have little support underneath • Gozo Ministry officials 'altered to take necessary action' 

A video posted online showing a number of potholes along the road leading to Nadur in Gozo has raised concerns about the raod’s safety.

The video, which was posted to Facebook earlier today, shows a number of potholes, which look more like sinkholes, along the main road.

A close up of one of the holes shows considerable space beneath the road’s surface, raising concerns on whether the road can continue to withstand the daily traffic.

“Ministry for Gozo officials were duly alerted to take necessary action,” Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana said in a Facebook post of her own.

Reacting to news reports about the road, Caruana said that “the condition of roads in Gozo is the consequence of years and years of neglect”.

“That is why with Progett Ghawdex we are carrying out a number of road works concurrently, in order to address this issue.”  

Nationalist MP Chris Said said that parts of the road appeared to be nearing the point of collapse.

“This car is used by hundreds of cars every day, including people going down to Ramla a large number of residents who live in Tal-Hali area,” the Gozitan MP said

He added that the arterial road was under the direct responsibility of the Gozo Ministry. “I appeal to the ministry to take immediate action before it  is too late.”

Said’s brother, who is also the mayor of Nadur, described the situation as “scary and worrying” for all those living in Nadur, as well as those who visit the locality.

The council, he said, had reported the matter to the authorities on a number of occasions.

Said noted that ministry workers were on site to evaluate the condition of the road, and pledged that the council would continue working with authorities in order to see that the necessary repair works are started.

The council, he said, would also continue to apply pressure on the government regarding the locality’s roads.

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