[WATCH] Adrian Delia files formal request for police to investigate Karl Cini

The full Egrant report had revealed how magistrate Aaron Bugeja had said that Nexia BT’s Karl Cini should be investigated by police for perjury

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia filed a formal request at the Police General Headquarters in Floriana to investigate Nexia BT's Karl Cini

At a press conference outside the headquarters, Delia said that, conversely, members of the government could do the same with regards to allegations surrounding him but the fact that they weren't doing so proved that they were spinning tales.

Delia kept his word when on Sunday he said he was giving the government an ultimatum to request a probe into the Nexia BT partner.

The full Egrant report revealed how magistrate Aaron Bugeja had said that Cini ought to be investigated by police for perjury.

"Last Sunday, I gave a 48-hour ultimatum. The government knew the contents of the Egrant report, and I say that all ministers knew, but have failed to act. I filed a formal request today so that all necessary measures are taken," Delia said, adding that people were tired of the government's lies and deceit.

When asked why he didn't do the same and ask for an inquiry into accusations surrounding him, Delia said that there was nothing to investigate him on.

The late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia had alleged that Delia was getting paid from a Soho prostitution racket into his Barclays' International Bank account. Delia denied this was the case.

"May I remind you that over two years ago we tabled a motion in Parliament, and the Opposition voted unanimously for such a motion, that an ad hoc investigative framework be set up to investigate all of Caruana Galizia's allegations? The government has voted against this," Delia said.

He argued that Labour leader contender Chris Fearne was using empty rhetoric when he claimed that he would investigate certain individuals, including himself, because, after all, it was himself who was outside the headquarters filing a formal request on Karl Cini.

"I told Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar many times that I am here and am not afraid from the truth and won't run away. Since they don't start procedures against me, it means that there's nothing to investigate.

"I even invited Fearne who has all the tools today to ask the Commissioner to investigate me. He can come here today and do so. Otherwise, he can stop lying and stop attempting to direct our attention elsewhere," Delia said.

The PN leader made reference to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's claims that there were other Bvlgari watches besides the one he was gifted by Electrogas investor Yorgen Fenech.

"Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is doing the same thing about the €20,000 watches. He is telling us that the media should ask who else has the watches. Does he know who has them or not? He either has information or he doesn't," Delia said.

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