Biden edges closer to US Presidency

Democrat Joe Biden in the lead as votes continue to be counted  

Democratic challenger Joe Biden
Democratic challenger Joe Biden

The 2020 US Presidential elections are close to being decided, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the lead, as votes continue to be counted.

Biden’s advantage was confirmed as 98% of the votes in Pennsylvania were counted. A win in this state would guarantee a Biden presidency.

The incumbent, President Donald Trump, is also losing in the state of Georgia, with 99% of the votes counted. Biden has a slim majority in the states of Nevada and Arizona. A win in any of these three states would guarantee a Biden victory, despite Trump’s baseless claims of having won.

Trump has complained of corruption and fraud in connection with postal votes, but has provided no evidence for this.
Biden appealed for calm, insisting that he had no doubt that he would be declared the victor in the coming hours.

"We have a clear majority...and our vote majority is still growing. We're beating Donald Trump by over 4 million votes and its still growing," Biden said.


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