Clashes continue to erupt at Palestine holy site

The confrontation erupted because of metal detectors

Wounded victims in the area (Photo: Reuters)
Wounded victims in the area (Photo: Reuters)

Israeli forces and Palestinians have clashed at al-Aqsa, after the Israeli police banned young men from entering the holy site.

Water canon and tear gas were fired at rioters, who in turn threw stones and other objects outside the walls of the Old City, police said in a statement to BBC news.

Tensions have soared since two Israeli policemen were killed last Friday at the holy area known as Haram-al-Sharif, or Temple mount.

The three gunmen were shot dead after being chased into the sacred space.

A “day of rage” was called for in response to metal detectors that have been installed at the entrance to the site.

Palestinian factions have argued that this measure is a direct violation of the status quo- a fragile set of arrangements made between Palestine and Israel.

Devotees have therefore been praying outside the area, refusing to enter unless the metal detectors were removed

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