Lawyer Trump Jr. met with has ties to Russian spies

The lawyer has represented FSB, Russia's successor to the KGB, for over eight years

Natalia Veselnitskaya (Photo: Reuters)
Natalia Veselnitskaya (Photo: Reuters)

The Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian clients, says Reuters.

Veselnitskaya has had FSB as her clients for over eight years, Russian court documents show.

The Russian organisation is the successor to the KGB service, and was headed by Putin before the start of his presidency in 2000.

The documents show the lawyer won a case for the FSB, in a legal battle over ownership of an upscale property in Moscow.

The lawyer has denied being an employer of the Russian intelligence service, arguing that these documents do not prove that she has been involved with the Kremlin.

The US sanctioned the FSB for what it believed was its role in hacking the election, something both Russia and Veselnitskaya have denied. Republican chairman Charles Grassley has argued that the lawyer should have never been allowed into the country at all.

The Moscow native and her firm Kamerton Consulting represented “military unit 55002” in the property dispute.

Investigations by Reuters have found that the domestic intelligence agency’s address can be traced back to the same building involved in the discord.

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