Victory for Catalan pro-independence parties in snap election

'The Spanish state has been defeated'

Catalan pro-independence parties will be retaining their absolute majority following a snap regional election which was called by the Spanish government in an attempt to cut off the secessionist parties.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the early election in hopes of cutting off the secessionist parties following a long battle for independence which led to violent clashes with police two months ago.

Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont scored the most votes out of all the separatist candidates, after which he declared that "the Spanish state has been defeated. Mariano Rajoy has received a slap in the face from Catalonia." His party, Together for Catalonia, secured 21.7% of the vote and 34 seats.

Puigdemont campaigned from Belgium, as he is a fugitive who is evading a Spanish judicial probe. He could be faced with charges of rebellion and sedition.

The Catalan Republic Left (ERC) got 21.4% of the vote and 32, while the far-left, anti-capitalist Popular Unity Candidacy secured 4.5% of the vote and 4 seats. Between them, the parties have enough votes to create a coalition and keep a parliamentary majority.

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