One dead, five wounded in Malmö shooting

Police said ruled out the possibility of a terrorist link after shooting in Sweden’s third biggest city

Police officers at the scene in Malmö on Monday night. (Photo: TT News Agency/Reuters)
Police officers at the scene in Malmö on Monday night. (Photo: TT News Agency/Reuters)

One person was killed and five wounded in a shooting in the centre of the southern Swedish city of Malmö on Monday, police said.

The incident happened just after 8pm on Monday night, the Swedish news agency TT said, quoting the city’s police department as saying: “There is no reason for the public to worry.”

"An 18-year-old man has died in hospital," Malmo police said in a statement, adding that four others were hospitalised.

A police spokesman told AFP that the possibility of a terrorist link to the attack had been discounted.

Witnesses told newspaper Aftonbladet they heard what sounded like 15 to 20 shots in the city centre. Aftonbladet reported that the shootings took place next to a police station and that officers were on the scene immediately.

According to the paper, the victims were attacked as they left an internet cafe in the middle of the town.

The police refused to comment on the identity of the possible attacker or attackers.

They also declined to give any detail of the victims although reports said several of them were well known to the police.

Police spokesman Stephan Soderholm said: “We have sealed off the area and are conducting interviews and will interview those who are injured if they can or are willing to speak.”

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