Updated | Four of Thailand’s trapped boys rescued

As the water levels rise, Thailand’s authorities have decided to move in a start the rescue procedures to get the trapped boys home • Four have been rescued, operation to continue on Monday morning

The rescue operation in a Thai cave has been running "smoothly" according to media reports, with four boys having been brought above ground.

The mission has since been paused for 10 hours, and is expected to continue on Monday morning.

Thai authorities have decided to move in on Sunday morning and begin rescue procedures to get trapped boys in the cave to safety. 

The group, which includes 12 boys and one adult, is trapped on a ledge deep in the Tham Luang cave, with water levels rising. 

“There is no other day that we are more ready than today,” Narongsak Osottanakorn, who has been leading the operation, said.

The group and their families have all given their goahead for the procedure to be initiated.  

Divers have supplied the group since they were found last week, with one diver who served as a former Thai Navy diver, dying in the process. 

The children and adult were declared physically and mentally fit after being assessed by a doctor. 

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