17 dead following duck boat capsized in America

The boat carrying 31 people overturned on the popular tourist attraction, Table Rock Lake, in Missouri, US, after sailing in stormy weather 

Social media footage of one of the boats sailing through the stormy weather
Social media footage of one of the boats sailing through the stormy weather

A ‘duck boat’ carrying 31 tourists during stormy weather on Table Rock Lake, Missouri, overturned, killing 17 last Thursday. 

While the captain of the boat survived, the driver and many passengers were killed. 

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader confirmed that all the bodies of the deceased were found and recovered. 

Rader said that it is still unknown whether the deceased were wearing life vests during the incident, or if the boat’s windows were open. 

The boat is said to have sunk in 12m of water before rolling into a final depth of 24m. 

A spokeswoman for the Cox Medical Center in Branson, Brandei Clifton, said that four adults and three children had arrived at the hospital shortly after the incident.

Winds during the incident reached around 104 km/h according to the National Weather Service. 

It is said that during the incident, two boats were on the lake, with one making it to shore while the other, which was involved in the incident, was driven back by the wind. 

“There were actually two duck boats. The first one made it out. The second one didn't," a police chief told the media. 

The Ride the Ducks company, which owns the over tuned vessel, released a statement stating that the boat should not have been in the water during the time. 

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