Outlaw Ocean Project

Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean: The Last Untamed Frontier The high seas are a lawless frontier where crimes such as murder, slavery and environmental destruction are often met with impunity and overlooked by the media. But the ocean is also a place of discovery and reinvention, offering freedom from the constraints of society. MaltaToday is part of a global collaboration between newsrooms to uncover the dark secrets hidden away at the high seas. This 10-part short film series stems from over a decade of reporting by Ian Urbina exploring crime on the high seas. The series chronicles a gritty cast of characters including traffickers and smugglers, pirates and mercenaries, shackled slaves and vigilante conservationists.

[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Chasing ghosts
Ian Urbina investigates the phenomenon of dead bodies washing up on Japan’s shores
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Freedom or death
In international waters between the African and European coasts, an almost daily battle occurs
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | The loophole artist
For over 20 years, one woman has taken advantage of the legal loophole provided by the legal murkiness of international waters to administer abortions to women otherwise left...
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Fluid borders
We accompany Ian Urbina on a routine maritime border patrol which rapidly takes a turn for the worse
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | The fish we turn to dust
Ian Urbina investigates the impact of fishmeal factories and foreign trawlers in West Africa, exposing how a fifth of all marine life pulled from the sea ends up ground up to feed...
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Raiders of the deep
Ian Urbina joins Greenpeace in their race against time to locate and protect a fragile coral reef near the mouth of the Amazon River before government-approved drilling begins
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | The magic pipe
This week’s episode investigates how some luxury cruise ships routinely use Magic Pipes to get rid of toxic waste below the water line, and how they rarely get caught
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Dreamers of a floating world
Ian Urbina heads off to the coast of England aboard Sealand, a rogue micronation founded by a quixotic adventurer on an abandoned anti-aircraft platform in 1967
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Bondage at sea
Ian Urbina takes viewers onboard roach and rat-infested ships on the South China Sea to explore how overfishing has given rise to trans-shipment, fish-laundering, and a prevalence...
[WATCH] Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean | Where killers go free
Ian Urbina heads to Somalia to understand what happens in the murky world of floating armories, mercenaries and pirates, exploring why offshore crime is so prevalent, unreported,...