Lightning roulette - a favourite amongst live casino games

A revolutionized roulette, which offers a different player experience at Meridianbet Online Casino

Lightning Roulette is by far one of the best additions to ever exist in a usual Roulette game on Meridianbet Online Casino. In their ever expanding gaming list, Lightning Roulette has a special place.

Lightning Roulette was awarded product innovation of the year in 2018, during the Global Gaming Awards, G2E Las Vegas, and EGR's Game of the year 2018 and was voted for by the sector operators.

Lightning roulette is a revolutionised, extended Roulette casino game, which offers a different player experience. The game contains all the usual Roulette bets plus more chances of winning, with new Lucky Numbers And Lucky Payouts.

You all know what "lightning" is, right? Like the name denotes, the game offers an electrifying user interface for maximum player thrills.

Lightning Roulette has overwhelming multiplier scalability that allows a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous players. The direct game launch enables you to welcome players from your live casino lobby at as well as through text, email, or links on any web page.

What more lightning roulette offers

Lightning Roulette is rather different from other Roulette Games at Meridianbet Online Casino. We mentioned earlier that it has an incredible visual feature. It also provides a high- pay out RNG Lucky Number win to every game that comes round.

Apart from all other familiar elements of Live Roulett, such as the live dealer, the live bet, and others of Roulette bets, there are more exciting deals.

It adds an electrifying player experience and increases the chances of winning. For instance, in every game round between 1 to 5, the lucky numbers will automatically be lightning striken and will give those pay-outs, ranging from x50 to x500.

Players find it easy to bet on the full range of Roulette bets as it resembles betting on Meridianbet's standard European Live Roulette. Interestingly, players are awarded additional chances to win through randomly generated Lucky Numbers and also Lucky pay outs. They are usually multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x.

How does Lightning Roulette pay?

First, it is necessary to note that all other bets not mentioned below, such as splits, corners, red/black, and dozens pay as the usual Roulette would. Here's what happens:

  • All the Lucky Numbers, the amount of Lucky Numbers usually 1 to 5, and that tally of the Lucky Pay outs will be randomly generated after all player bets are accepted.
  • The lucky Number pays one of the lucky pay outs in the range of x50 to x500:1 when the ball hits the lucky Number. For this to happen, the player must have made a straight-up on that particular Number.

Here are the highlights, in terms of the advantages and disadvantages for players at Meridianbet:


  • It has impeccable video quality and state-of-the-art technology.
  • It gives exciting gameplay with lucrative pay outs.
  • It provides players with different options to choose from.


  • It pays 29:1 for non-multiplied straight-up bets, way below the 35:1 paid by the standard Roulette.

Do you feel that you have played classic Roulette and want something new and exciting? Well, Meridianbet have got just the game for you. Lightning Roulette gives you excitement and a new experience, lucrative pay outs and exciting gameplay.

Log in to the account, appease the elusive Lady Luck to strike your particular Number, and win yourself some real cash at Meridianbet.

Maybe today is your lucky day, who knows?


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