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In recent years the market has seen the introduction of various cab services, all competing on three main elements: price point, professional service, and comfort.

Launched more than a year ago, TXGO is an easy-to-use cab services app providing the most affordable rides as of the 31st December 2020. The Maltese company has made a huge impact on the local market – with competitive pricing, efficient service, transparency, and clean, sanitized, and modern cars.

For businesses and garages, TXGO offers a digital fleet management platform that automates and manages the booking processes allowing garages to digitally book, track and record their cars and drivers, in line with the latest legislation.

The TXGO APP is available to download for Apple and Android devices. After the app is downloaded, users can book their cab in just three simple steps: set your location, choose the cab you like, and enjoy the ride. After their experience, customers can provide feedback – and TXGO uses this feedback to continuously improve their service.

The TXGO APP also allows customers to create a personal experience – customers can choose their ride through a photo of the car, the garage, the driver and even the language the driver speaks. Customers are also informed about the estimated price of their trip beforehand – thus helping them stick to their budget and avoid nasty surprises. All these features guarantee the safest and most comfortable experience for everyone.

Moreover, the company ensures there are very strict controls of drivers, to meet legislation and keep the service as safe and professional as possible. The company only engages licensed garages and drivers with a clear history, we also gauge customer feedback to be able to keep – and improve – standards. 

The more you use TXGO, the better the experience gets. Customers earn credit with every TXGO trip they take – so they keep benefitting on discounts. TXGO is also currently offering new customers €10 sign-up credit – so now is the time to download the TXGO APP and start using one of the best and most affordable cab services platforms around.

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