Island Bébé: Maltese online platform getting real about parenting

They say it takes a village to raise a child: these mums have created an island

Getting pregnant and then transitioning to parenthood can be a rollercoaster, and not necessarily of the fun kind. In a culture that romanticizes (and beatifies) parenthood - and, more specifically, motherhood - the drastic changes that accompany this life stage are often left unspoken.

Far from the village that supported our grandmothers and their mothers, today’s parents are mostly parenting alone. But the closeknit community of the past has given way to a vibrant, supportive online community that isn’t afraid to get real about parenthood.

Despite having been around for less than a year, Island Bébé has become the go-to platform for local parents looking for expert insights, activity ideas, product reviews and - more importantly - honest pregnancy and parenting experiences.

“I was pregnant, equal parts excited and scared, and looking for insight and advice from local experts and parents”, explains Francesca Mifsud, Founder of But she found none that she could relate to. “While there’s plenty out there for a British or American audience, there wasn’t an online platform specifically for parents in Malta”.

Finding the resources she needed while pregnant wasn’t easy for Content and Brand Manager Jillian Dingwall, either: “Although all the resources I needed were here in Malta, they were spread out, hard to find, and sometimes out of date.”

So they started working on an online platform, curated by and for local parents. “With Island Bébé it was about creating a central place with reliable, local information, advice, and recommendations that would take at least some of the work out of having a baby”, says Jillian.

“As it has grown it has now become so much more than that, it's about community, empowerment and reminding each other that it's okay not to be perfect because parenting is hard!”

Island Bébé’s social posts and articles range from humorous to emotional and raw - yet they’re consistently empathetic. They’re all about the joys of parenthood, but also the challenges, not shying away from traditionally taboo subjects, such as infertility and mental health, and essential family-career conversations.

With experts on board - who are also often parents themselves, Island Bébé is a fun and informative destination for mums, dads and caregivers to get the best out of their parenting journey here in Malta. Regardless if you’re just starting out, or already a pro, Island Bébé lightens the load of parenthood so you have more time to enjoy the fun parts.

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