ASMK Endurance Race next Saturday

L-ASMK donates €810 in Sannat for ARKA Foundation.

Traydon Bailey in his Ford Ka. Photo by Matthew Ben
Traydon Bailey in his Ford Ka. Photo by Matthew Ben

On Saturday 3 October the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) will be organizing an Autocross Endurance Race at the Association Sports Complex in Ta 'Qali. This Malta Records Race attempt starts at 8:00 pm under artificial lighting throughout the "Endurance Race". This race lasts One Full Hour plus One Lap. The winning car and team is the car who succeeds in making the most laps during this time. In last year’s edition Emanuel Muscat recorded 94 Laps. This time the Association decided trying to overcome last year’s record which is also registered in the ‘Malta Records’ as the longest car race on Offroad track in Malta. Till today there is no event of this kind in motorsport that is registered. For this event 8 to 10 cars are expected to participate with a maximum of three drivers per car during the Hour. Under stringent regulations each competitor must follow the race rules or otherwise a number of Laps will be deducted instead of penalty points.

During the weekend of Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2015 the Association (ASMK) successfully organized the Second Autocross Cars event in Sannat Gozo. This was possible with the collaboration and assistance of the Minister for Gozo who offered his support towards ASMK to hold two motorsport events in Gozo during this year. One was the motorcycling Enduro race held last April and this event for Cars held on Sunday 20th September.

Work on the Autocross temporary racetrack in Sannat lasted a week. ASMK brought over the necessary machinery from Malta together with works performed by Government Gozo Ministry Workers, Gozo contractors supporting this event and ASMK Officials. The works were well organised by ASMK Officials on site. The Association wishes to thank the Curmi and Cassar families who are the owners of the site land in Sannat to be converted into a temporary Autocross track for a few days. Thanks to are directed to the Xewkija and Sannat Local Councils, the Gozo Police Corps, the Works Department in Gozo, the Gozo Sports Board and finally and not least special thanks to Apap Family of Victoria for assisting the ASMK Officials in any problem encountered during this week.

As this activity was held to collect funds in aid of ‘Arka Foundation’ thanks go too to the generosity of the spectators watching the event and contributing their donation. ASMK collected € 810.00 for ARKA Foundation.

During the presentation of trophies to the winners ASMK President said that Fr Michael Galea by Arka Foundation could not be with us because he was abroad yet Rev. Michael passed his thanks to ASMK for the donation collected within a few hours in Gozo.

During the presentation of trophies to the winning competitors Dr. Grezzju Mercieca was present and representing the Minister for Gozo also made words for the occasion and he thanked all present especially the ASMK Officers who within a few days converted a field into a Motorsport Complex for Autocross to raise funds for ASKA.

Frans Deguara President of the Association thanked all present and said that if the aid is provided again next year the Association will come over again to organize more events for cars and motorcycles in Gozo over the coming year for all Maltese and Gozo drivers too.

Meanwhile look at the Sunday competition event in Gozo where 30 competitors registered for this competition. The competitors were divided into four classes mainly for Modified Autocross cars driven by Maltese drivers and another Class for Gozo drivers. The Standard Autocross car drivers were also divided for Maltese and Gozo drivers so each class stands better chances in competition.

In the Autocross by Maltese drivers Henry Borg on his Alfa Sud and Christian Apap on a Ford Fiesta both dominated the day by winning all the heats of the day thus they sealed their place in the Class A Finals. Jonathan Camilleri also qualified on an Opel Corsa, Jurgen Mallia on his Honda Civic and Godwin Martin on the Peugeot 206. On the start of this Race Final Borg and Camilleri immediately took the lead followed by Apap and Mallia. Soon Apap started adding pressure and overtook on Camilleri during the second Lap. Borg won the race followed by Apap and Camilleri.  Mallia and Martin respectively finished in fourth and fifth place.

In Autocross Class B Final we saw Ivan Birmingham on his Suzuki Swift winning this final ahead of JeanPaul Grech on a Peugeot 106. Third place was won by Noel Zammit on a vintage Hillman IMP. Matthew Galea on Ford Escort and Joseph Micallef on an Opel Corsa finished the day in fourth and fifth place respectively.

In the Gozo Autocross drivers Class ww saw Marvin Grima on his Opel Corsa winning the day followed by Cecil Cefai on his Ford Escort Mk 2. Marvic Vassallo on Ford Escort finished in 3rd place while Joseph Gauci finished in 4th place of this fast race.

In the Standard Autocross Class for Maltese drivers Deane Farrugia on Citroen AX won the Race Final. He was followed by Traydon Bailey on his Ford Ka. Johann Vella on Opel Corsa finished in third place and Ryan Vella on a Peugeot 205 finished in 4th place. John Agius on Peugeot 206 finished the day in fifth place following a spin.

In the Gozo Autocross Standard Class we saw a compat for the lead between the Sultana cousins who also dominated the Haets. Chris on his Mazda won the day’s Final followed by Ivan on a Peugeot 106. Lawrence Galea on a Honda Civic finished in third place.

Meanwhile the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) announced a small change in the Events Calendar for the 2015/2016 season. The Trials will launch their first event on Sunday 18 October 2015 in the Quarry Tal-Ballut L/o Naxxar.  The Autocross and Motocross events starts on 25 October 2015. The Enduro season dates are expected to be announced in the coming days. For more information visit the site

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