Students’ grading in Dragon style Kung fu

2016 started on a good note for the Malta Self-Defence Academy.

Successful students with their instructor, Sifu Mark (sitting on the left)
Successful students with their instructor, Sifu Mark (sitting on the left)

Apart from the fact that this is the 10th year of its operation in Malta, recently a number of students who are currently practising Kung fu within this school have completed their annual grading sessions by demonstrating proficiency levels in this Chinese Martial art .

Under the guidance of Sifu Mark Spiteri (and assisted by black belt, Daniel Portelli), students successfully demonstrated various different techniques ranging from a wide variety of kicks, punches and blocks, choreographed fighting movements (called forms or taolu) and a range of realistic Self-defence techniques, including defence against a variety of holds, kicks, hand strikes and weapon attacks. 

Following the grading examinations, a ceremony was held within the club premises in Sta. Venera whereby  successful students were awarded their much awaited sashes and certificates by Sifu Mark in the presence of all club members.  Sifu Mark had words of praise for all his students who have trained relentlessly throughout the last months.  In the meantime, he also thanked a number of advanced students who are already practising relentlessly for their examination in mid-year.

List of successful students who participated successfully in these Gradings are:-

Yellow Sash –      Yanik Galea, Jonathan Spagnol, Noel Galea

Orange Sash -   Neville Fenech, Sean Fenech, Luke Fenech, Colette Sciberras, Albert Portelli,

Green Sash –  Cheryl Tonna

The Malta Self-Defence Academy prides itself in offering a range of tailor-made self-defence classes aimed for a wide range of different customers. These are offered throughout the year, in addition to the weekly classes in Dragon style Kung fu.  

The Academy is now welcoming new students who wish to join its Kung fu Beginners classes (kids and adults).  Anyone who is interested can call on 99841134 or send an email to [email protected]. One can also visit our website for more information or our facebook page

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