[WATCH] Super League Triathlon returning to Malta in October

The Super League Triathlon has announced a new and expanded Championship Series that will include races in two days of races in Malta

The world’s leading triathletes are set for a return to Malta in October to compete in the Super League Triathlon’s Championship Series.

The 2019/20 series will kick-off on the 28 September in Jersey, England, followed by Malta between 19 and 20 Octoer. Races will take place in Birgu and Bormla.

Super League Triathlon’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael D’Hulst said that it was an exciting moment for Super League and the sport of triathlon as a whole. 

“We have achieved dramatic growth in a very short space of time, and we are now ready to take Super League Triathlon to the next level. Our desire has always been to build on the amazing success of Super League Triathlon and grow into a bigger Championship Series, and this allows us to fulfil that aim, while also respecting the desire of athletes to compete in the Olympics.”

Super League Triathlon’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael D’Hulst
Super League Triathlon’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael D’Hulst

This year’s event will also see the introduction of Youth and Junior racing, as well as the Age Group Aquathlons, Regattas, Fun Runs, Corporate Team Enduros races.

Speaking at a London event, Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said that triathlon would “send an incredible message to our young kids, especially when it comes to dedication hard work and a healthy lifestyle." 

In addition to the standard triathlon, athletes will also be competing in the Enduro race, a series of bike, running and swimming races without any break in between.

The third race category is the Eliminator which requires athletes to finish high enough in order not to be eliminated whilst managing their effort against fatigue.

On preparing for the new season, triathlete Jonny Brownlee said that racing Super League had kept his love for the sport alive.

ETU Triathlon European Championships winner Sophie Coldwell, who was also in attendance at yesterday’s event, said that the Super League expansion would benefit athletes.

“It’s great for the locations, and its great for triathlon as a whole,” she said. “If the sport can be fed to more places, more people, more children, then that’s brilliant. And for us as competitors, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to have more races at this level.”