Focused Overseas in merited win over Stompers

All local rugby fans were treated to a great spectacle of rugby by Overseas and Stompers yesterday afternoon.

Overseas 31
Stompers 27

Mike Turner

Despite Stompers winning the majority of the ball in the first half, they never managed to threaten because they never had their game under control, whereas Overseas played with confident skill from the start.

Their quick thinking and passing and support for offloads was excellent and as they soaked up the pressure they launched incisive attacks to notch up a 24 nil lead with two tries by Wright plus one each by Spagnol and the veteran Van Reeven . That was a spectacle as he intercepted another sloppy pass to run a lung bursting 50 metres with Stompers defence catching up all the way. Then Attard hit back finally with another interception to put in Bradley for a good try which Attard converted.

Overseas Cassar was yellow carded for a silly offence and Sammut left the field injured so suddenly Overseas were at a big disadvantage. Nevertheless their defence held out but the match was suddenly wide open. Overseas scored again after a break by Mestre released Wright and Mestre converted. Overseas were penalized for killing the ball, Attard converted for three more points. Then after a hard physical session with two Overseas players lying injured, Camilleri scored for Stompers and Attard converted.

 Satariano came on for Stompers and immediately the game changed as he slipped effortlessly into his old game patterns and understanding with Attard and Stompers looked as if they could win. He immediately made the calls and managed the game. Galea scored good try and Devaney, who had played an inspired game but was tiring fast, put his side under strain by getting a yellow card.  Then Satariano combined superbly with Attard to wriggle over . However it was too late  and Overseas hung on to win and pick up the first Med Bank Cup.

What a magnificent game to end the home season although there are several international sevens dates and the International Clubs Tournament next week.

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