Overseas edge past Kavallieri

A review of the rugby Cisk Lager League and the Ladies’ MRFU 7’s League

Overseas Vs Kavallieri. Photo by Ian Aquilina
Overseas Vs Kavallieri. Photo by Ian Aquilina

By Mike Turner

Kavallieri  10 vs Swieqi Overseas 14

It was a close fought but error ridden match which never quite lived up to its potential.

Kavallieri still have a fatal bad habit of antagonising referees and officials by arguing and grumbling and this does seem to affect the swing of decisions against them. They were penalised far too often, ignoring the old maxim “play to the referee.”

Overseas started with a good wind backing them and pressed territorially, gaining an early lead with a Duchange penalty. Kavallieri defended solidly and responded when Edmunds made an astonishingly risky cross kick from his own try line. Luckily for him there was a lucky bounce taken by Horne who ran in a superb try from his own 22 line, converted by Edmunds to gain the lead, 7-3.

Overseas launched waves of attacks which broke on the rock of Kavallieri defence. A huge tackle by Cutajar and Aquilina stifled yet another attack. In a rare attack by Kavallieri they gained an easy penalty which was missed by Edmunds.

This inspired Kavallieri to some considerable efforts in lineout mauls which gained many metres, but they wasted good ball by passing standing still so the accomplished Overseas backs were able to stifle them.

However a decision by referee Da Silva in missing an obvious knock on gave Overseas an easy penalty to pull back to 7-6. All through the first half the Overseas backs looked slick and threatening but could not deliver the killer blow. The half ended with Kavallieri holding on to a one point lead.

For the second half the wind which had favoured Overseas had abated but this did not prevent them from immediately exerting severe pressure and when Hopkin was well offside, Duchange kicked them back into the lead, 7-9.

Cassar was a constant threat for Overseas with his powerful carries, and Holland provided an excellent service to his backs from scrum half. The game changer came when Kavallieri number 8, Lewis, was given a yellow card for 10 minutes in the sin bin and the speedy Overseas backs released Stivala to score a fine try to lead 7-14.

However Kavallieri were inspired into strong reaction and their 14 drove Overseas back, for Briffa to make a fine clearance kick. Kavallieri came back and after a blatant offside by Overseas kicked good penalty. 10-14.

Unfortunately Overseas Stivala charged the kick, which is not allowed for a penalty, but went unpunished for an unsporting professional foul. Young Bedu Hanan of Kavallieri is one of the promising young players, whose strength and speed are spectacular, if he can just gain a little more subtlety in his running. For Overseas Harvey was his usual experienced self, Schembri is still showing improvement, Vella was an elusive wing.

For Kavallieri Cutajar was a tower, and veteran Bonavia and the returning Zahra were both a big influence. Home grown Touch Judge Lucy Darmanin was an influence on the game in her support for the referee and had no fear to make her reports as she saw matters, which is important.

This season the League will be a close contested matter, but more finesse is needed.

Another Men’s Game was played between Gladiators and Stompers, which ended in a 116-0 win for Stompers.


Ladies’ MRFU 7’s League. 

By Bryan Corlett

Falcons Vs Kavallieri - 12-5

After a break of two weeks due to the Rugby International and then the CHOGM, play resumed down at Marsa.

On pitch number one Falcons played Kavallieri in the 7s competition. In the swirling winds it was difficult for Falcons to play their wide game, with passes not finding the target, so it was a stop start game that resulted.

Falcons were the first to score after a backline move with Beverie Sultana (12) going over under the posts, the Marion Azzopardi (7) conversion was good, they were then leading 7 to nil.

Kavallieri were using their forwards to get back into the game, which gave Maria Spiteri (9) some good ball, she ran at the defence and scored with a nice fend off to the tackler.

Falcons 7 Kavallieri 5.

Amanda Cassar (2) put in a big tackle to stop a promising Falcons run at the line.

Marion Spiteri (7) scored when a team effort worked the ball left then right to open the Kavallieri defensive line. The game ended at 12 to 5 to Falcons. Martin Van Kan was the Referee.

Kavallieri Vs Overseas - 12-12

The Kavallieri versus Overseas match had debutante Referee Celine Smith in control. A few players caught the eye, one Overseas try had almost the whole team offloading in the tackle, recycling the ball with a final offload from Tessabelle Sultana (12) putting Noemi Perez (4) into space for her to run 30 metres to score under the posts. The conversion was good, it was now Overseas 7 Kavallieri 0.

Kavallieri vs Falcons. Photo by Ian Aquilina
Kavallieri vs Falcons. Photo by Ian Aquilina

Noemi Perez having a blinder, intercepted a Falcons pass and ran it 30 metres and as she was tackled just short of the line, offloaded to the ever present Tessabelle Sultana (12) to score.

Amanda Cassar (2) for Kavallieri showed her class with one try, she chipped the ball down the touchline into space, then ran through and picked it up to score. Amanda last year played for two months for the Australian Club “Tribe 7” in Brisbane.

Overseas 12 Kavallieri 5

Maria Spiteri (9) was having a lively game, running strongly and she put in a thumping tackle to halt a promising Overseas backline move. Myra Bonello (4) scored a great try backing up and taking a final pass, when the Overseas defensive pattern had fallen apart. The game ended on 12 all.

Overseas vs Falcons -  5-17

The Falcons versus Overseas game again had Celine Smith with the whistle under the eye of Referee Coach Killian O’Brien. Falcons started to play the expansive game they are known for, moving the ball left and right. Kimberly Riolo (6) scored, kicking the ball through and dotting down.

From another wide movement out to the wing Riolo (6) scored again, she has got pace that girl, to make the score 10 to 0 with no conversions. Tessabelle Sultana (12) doubled around Noemi Perez (4) who was putting speed into the Overseas attack but was held up over the line.

Charlotte Evans (5) for Overseas scored from some quick hands, she fended off two players to score. Falcons from a quick penalty Katka Vrbacka scored under the posts, with the conversion good. Falcons 17 Overseas 5. The game ended with a break out from her own 22 by Sarita Cassar (7) who blitzed her way 50 metres with the Falcons in hot pursuit, close to the tryline she was tackled into touch. Falcons won the day with two wins.

The Malta Veterans team this weekend were playing down in Dubai at the International tournament.

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