[WATCH] Updated | Postponement rate of court cases halved thanks to new IT system
Man charged with death of Sudanese man may have been protecting his friend
Armed robber stole €37 during hold-up on octogenarian
Probation for Algerian who pleaded guilty to repeatedly defiling his niece
Court allows daughter to retain mother’s surname after father recognises her at 15 years old
Court divides price of ship among creditors
Road menace fined and jailed
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Matthew Agius
Court requests Tribunal to reassess refusal based on alleged loss of parking
Court turns down damages case due to lack of evidence
Court orders Tribunal to evaluate quoted precedents
Woman sues hospitals for near-fatal misdiagnosis
Court sticks to tenant’s and landlord’s initial intentions
Court revokes permit for catering establishment without a chimney stack
Woman who stole €700 from employer given probation, community service
Court halts excavation after legal distance not respected
Court allowed Transport Malta to asphalt a private yard
Man jailed for six-and-a-half years over drug possession
Man 'threatened to kill all black people' during assault, victim says
Man hit with hammer for calling friend’s girlfriend ‘ugly’, gets suspended sentence
Court allows divorce irrespective of claims of non-payment of maintenance
Malian’s second attempt to flee Malta thwarted, jailed for 35 months
Mistake by public registry led to children of one father having different surnames
Moroccan woman jailed after burgling friends’ apartment
Libyan murder accused jailed after fingerprints give him away
Defamation case against Fr Charles Fenech heard behind closed doors
Youth jailed for six months, fined €4,000 for biting policeman
Sliema vandal charged after leaving can of paint at scene of the crime
Updated | ‘John Rizzo threatened to crucify me like Christ’, accused tells jury
Nine women charged with prostitution in Marsa and Gzira
Another two 'black money' fraudsters to be arraigned
11-month-old baby suffered fractured skull, accused ‘was under influence of drugs’
Romanian fuel thief handed suspended sentence, to leave Malta
Man with 120 convictions jailed over police station assault
Malian admits to injuring security guard during clash at refugee office
Students admit to inventing assault story after breaching curfew
Skinny-dipping Frenchman who attacked police fined €4,000, handed suspended jail term
Bus driver convicted of sexually harassing passenger
Man acquitted of hold-up after court flags ‘victim’s’ definite involvement
Young woman called brother minutes before being raped
Youth denies assaulting girlfriend and police, granted bail