Man acquitted of hold-up after court flags ‘victim’s’ definite involvement
Young woman called brother minutes before being raped
Youth denies assaulting girlfriend and police, granted bail
Two thieves convicted of breaking in at Msida restaurant
Man with pregnant girlfriend punches Mater Dei security officer over parking row
17-year-old charged with assaulting, threatening four police officers
Bail granted after assaulting man with truncheon
Drug addict reprimanded over pastizzeria theft
Court messenger found guilty of smuggling penknife into court
Briton fined €3,000, has license suspended after illegal car importation
Jail term halved for man convicted on offence he was not charged with
Swede, 22, conditionally discharged after causing damage to car whilst drunk
Separated couple ordered to pay outstanding car debt
Police inspector insists girl who allegedly lied on her father was 'credible'
German mother accused of abandoning her son
Woman admits stealing mobile phone
Court & Police
Chris Mangion
Man admits to stealing from St Paul's Bay kiosk
Court orders sale of MV Irmak
Court & Police
Chris Mangion
Two men charged with theft and violent behaviour
PQs showing €600,000 direct orders tabled in defamation suit
Woman found guilty of threatening public officer
IT technician acquitted of computer misuse
Court & Police
Chris Mangion
Couple jailed over theft
Court & Police
Chris Mangion
When a mother lies
Josanne Cassar
Man arraigned after victims recognise him in court
‘Misled’ husband acquitted on appeal
Court & Police
Chris Mangion
Inmate faces extradition request on his last day in prison
Court allows correction of surname due to its complexity
Court decides that owners whose rights to build were at some point affected are eligible to compensation
Extension to a promise of sale agreement must be registered with Inland Revenue
Tourist says driver who hit her was not speeding
Court adjusts equity compensation
Law Report
Malcolm Mifsud
Prosecution asks court not to imprison man who threatened girlfriend
Company ordered to pay abandoned crew's salaries
Mosta cat killer case postponed after court expert fails to meet accused
Former drug addict gets jail term reduced
Court & Police
Chris Mangion
Man lands two-year suspended sentence for shooting friend
Court turns prison term into fine in an effort to help accused reform
Court orders extradition of two Maltese men to Italy
Civil court orders Syrian family off Malta
Court & Police
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