Back in the trenches
The mud bath
Saviour Balzan
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From Matteo Renzi to Tony Blair, Joseph Muscat endorsed by former prime ministers
President condemns meme depicting Muscat with Down’s Syndrome
Disgruntled, yet hopeful
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No love lost between leaders during tense broadcast debate
[Live-Blog] Joseph Muscat, Simon Busuttil square off on Xarabank
One bad deed is enough to lose reputation
Advocates’ chamber seriously concerned over PM’s Egrant inquiry comment
Real estate agents to be regularised within weeks of re-election, Muscat tells developers
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Labour suggests coding as 'new language' for students to learn
[WATCH] Muscat: ‘Books can be written about the corruption of Nationalist governments’
Politics is there to ‘heal’ unaddressed issues
PM won’t speculate on Russian link, insists he received ‘specific’ information on meddling
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Muscat: ‘Four years of economic growth, investment are your guarantee of stable future’
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Muscat backs out of Broadcasting Authority press conference
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[WATCH] Online publication claims Russian meddling, PM says he is aware of allegation
A one-off opportunity
Frank Psaila
[WATCH] 37,000 voting documents remain uncollected
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Busuttil allegations on Schembri forwarded to new magistrate: PM
New Water treatment facility to reduce dependency on ground water
Prime Minister: Maltese nationals attended Manchester concert, no reports of injured so far
For Muscat, the Labour Party will always be ‘the underdog’
[ANALYSIS] 2013 vs 2017: A tale of two campaigns
Setting the agenda
Michael Falzon
[WATCH] Thousands of voting documents not yet collected, Muscat warns
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Muscat insists ‘crazy’ ODZ boundaries must be redrawn
Q&A | The desire to make a difference | Marion Mizzi
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