Cartoon: 8 May 2017
[ANALYSIS] A referendum on Joseph…
Election 2017
James Debono
Strengths and weaknesses: Joseph Muscat vs Simon Busuttil
Labour proposes constitutional protection of the environment, no new ODZ projects
MaltaToday Survey | Trust ratings up for Muscat and Busuttil
The campaign so far
Josanne Cassar
Labour proposes 12 changes to pensions schemes
Gozitans urged to vote Labour as Muscat talks of economic boom ‘yet to come’
[WATCH] Muscat: 'Legalisation of recreational marijuana would not be a free-for-all'
Update 2 | Muscat calls for 'national discussion' on recreational marijuana, Busuttil wants informed debate
[WATCH] Muscat: Time to take infrastructure and built environment to the next level
Labour’s €700 million roads project: 170 residential roads in first three years
Kappara fly-over to be operational by September - Muscat
[WATCH] Muscat: 'Schembri will resign if magistrate finds enough evidence for criminal proceedings’
Magistrate’s decree confirms Busuttil 'has no evidence against me' – Muscat
Busuttil pledges to 'clean up' passport sale scheme, urges PM to debate Marlene Farrugia
Prime Minister: Company’s expansion to Malta ‘a vote of confidence’
PL ramps up pressure on MEP cash, PN insists they did nothing wrong
[WATCH] Muscat will go to PANA when magisterial inquiry concludes Egrant investigation
Updated | Retaining Mizzi, Schembri 'a decision to be taken after election' – Muscat
[ANALYSIS] Is Malta’s snap election a trial by votes?
Sense of irresponsibility
Call me mad, but I choose sanity
Raphael Vassallo
Muscat insists he and Schembri ‘have no obligations towards each other’
[WATCH] Five priority areas ‘are just the beginning’, Muscat says of PL electoral manifesto
[WATCH] Hero's welcome for Muscat in Ta' Xbiex meet and greet
Cartoon: 3 May 2017
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat to contest election on 2nd and 5th districts
Muscat’s revamped website ‘fact-checks’ Egrant story
[WATCH] Locals greet Labour leader at Birgu market
[WATCH] Muscat launches Labour election campaign: 'Our country's best days'
[WATCH] President signs writ to dissolve Parliament
Election 2017
Paul Cocks / Yannick Pace
[WATCH] Prime Minister announces snap elections for 3 June
[WATCH] Prime Minister vows to resign if inquiry links him to Egrant
A June election on the cards?
Michael Falzon
Muscat to announce early June election, Illum reports
PN leader promises permanent anti-corruption magistrate post
[WATCH] Political leaders hail minimum wage increase agreement
Prime Minister: 'Inquiry won't affect election date decision'
[WATCH] Schembri should prove €100,000 payment was loan, not kickbacks