Turkish Airlines suspends Misrata cargo flights
Former MEP candidate takes on Maltese government over Tobruk support
Libya’s Tobruk government stops visas to Maltese nationals
Libyan jets bomb Greek oil tanker, killing two crewmen
More Libyan business flowing to Joe Sammut
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Matthew Vella
Malta recognition of ‘illegitimate’ Tobruk government worsening conflict, says Libyan chargé d’affaires
Updated | Car bomb outside House of Representatives hotel in Tobruk
Libyan demonstrators in City Gate protest Tobruk air strikes in Misrata
Air strikes hit Libyan city of Misrata
Air strikes hit Misrata amid clashes at oil terminal
Updated | Libya’s two parliaments battling for Maltese government recognition
Security beefed up around Libyan embassy in Balzan
The Libyan Nelson Mandela
Jurgen Balzan
Malta closely following developments in Libya
Clashes in east Libya force oil port closure
Malta-based company locates Gaddafi’s $1 billion in South Africa
Vella welcomes new round of talks on Libyan future
Libya’s Haftar vows to liberate Tripoli from Islamists
112 passengers arrive on Daewoo-chartered ferry from Libya
Vella warns ISIS presence in Libya could pose security threat
Libyan jets strike Tripoli's last functioning airport
Maltese diplomats in Libya were shadowed, pressured to choose sides
Maltese diplomats in Libya recalled, government warns all Maltese to leave Libya
Maltese diplomats in Libya recalled, government warns all Maltese to leave Libya
Despite Libya chaos, Medserv pre-tax €2.2 million profit on target
Foreign ministry denies reports of Tripoli embassy closure
Blasts rock Egypt, UAE embassies in Libya
Car bomb detonated near Egyptian embassy in Tripoli
Car bombs hit government-held towns in Libya
Libyan PM in Saudi Arabia
Government denies reports of Al Thinni visit
Court rules elected Libyan parliament illegal
Evidence of new landmine use in Tripoli
Self-declared Libyan Prime Minister calls for fresh elections
Libyan forces order evacuation of Benghazi port
Libyan forces recapture areas of Benghazi from Islamists
UN envoy says Libya nearing ‘point of no return’
Updated | Ministry denies signing of agreement for Libya to open TV station
Libyan Army takes control of one of Islamist forces’ largest camps
Concerns over Islamic State entrenching itself in Libya - Vella