Vella, US and European ministers to discuss Libya instability
Malta considers its role in training Libyan coastguards
UN blacklists tanker carrying ‘illegal’ Libyan oil near Malta
AFM makes contact with tanker carrying ‘illegal’ Libyan oil
Update 4 | Government monitoring 'Malta-bound' east Libyan oil shipment
Reports of imminent clash between Libyan forces and Islamic State
Obama, EU leaders to discuss naval patrols in Libya
Tripoli-based Libyan government to step down
Clashes in Tripoli as unity government threatens to report rivals to Interpol
Libyan unity government makes power bid in Tripoli
Head of Libya's UN-backed unity government lands in Tripoli
Heavy gunfire reported in Tripoli
Vella warns of fierce clashes in Libya if unity government forces entry in Tripoli
Tripoli government declares state of emergency
Muscat joins EU counterparts on Libya in meeting called by UK
[WATCH] Islamic State threat in Libya expanding ‘day by day’, UN envoy warns
Foreign minister ‘shocked’ at death of two Italians in Libya
Six-year-old among injured Libyans brought to Malta for treatment
Updated | Libyans request Malta’s help to assist fighters injured in ISIS conflict
Updated | ISIS commander linked to Bardo Museum attacks targeted by US airstrikes
Wikileaks reveals EU anti-smuggler operation seeks invitation to enter Libyan waters
Libyan asylum seeker charged with raping Hungarian woman
Magistrate’s concern over foreign conflicts ‘imported’ to Malta
Libyan with fake French passport arrested at MIA
Malta welcomes formation of new Libyan government
Two hostages freed in Libya, sent to Malta
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The year ahead in 2016: Libya and regional security
Updated | Truck bomb targets police recruits in Libya, at least 60 dead
ISIS attack key oil depot in Libya
UN delegate to Libya Kobler ‘insulted and forced to leave Tripoli’
Libya: the way forward
[WATCH] New ISIS video shows ‘Islamic police force’ in Libya
Western leaders urge Libya to allow airstrikes against IS
West ready to strike IS in Libya, Haftar set for collision with Tripoli
At least 14 people killed in Libya clashes
British military to join Italian-led mission 'to train, support local forces' in Libya
UN pins hopes on Haftar to prop up new Libyan government
Secret US mission in Libya revealed after images posted to air force Facebook page
New divisions come forth as rival parliaments unite against ‘imposed’ Libya government
Rival Libya factions reject UN deal but promise unity government