[WATCH] New ISIS video shows ‘Islamic police force’ in Libya
Western leaders urge Libya to allow airstrikes against IS
West ready to strike IS in Libya, Haftar set for collision with Tripoli
At least 14 people killed in Libya clashes
British military to join Italian-led mission 'to train, support local forces' in Libya
UN pins hopes on Haftar to prop up new Libyan government
Secret US mission in Libya revealed after images posted to air force Facebook page
New divisions come forth as rival parliaments unite against ‘imposed’ Libya government
Rival Libya factions reject UN deal but promise unity government
Tobruk cancels planned Malta meet between Libyan rivals
Libyan parliaments schedule Malta meeting
'No plans to bomb' IS in Libya, Russia says
Top ISIS leader in Libya 'taken out', Pentagon confirms
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Security Service: ISIS threat in Libya ‘spread faster than expected’
Sirte in Libya is Islamic State’s fallback option after Raqqa
Tripoli's Rada militia posts video of Maltese man's rescue
[WATCH] Maltese man kidnapped in Libya released by Islamist militia
Islamic State murders four more in Sirte and Derna
Libyan businessman acquitted of transferring passport
UN proposes unity government in Libya
Man denies stealing clothes
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Libya envoy Bernardino Leon says text of peace deal finalized
Updated | Signs of stabbing, beating among refugees rescued
Busuttil’s repetition of fabricated lies ‘marring politics’ – Government
Daesh target Mitiga airport, prison in two separate attacks
Updated | Government denies existence of ‘secret Malta migrant deal’ with Italy
Armed men attack Libya's National Congress
Libyan man admits to using fake passport
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Libya needs international community’s help to defeat Islamic State – Al-Badri
Libyan government in Tobruk will punish oil companies working with Tripoli
Over 74,000 visas to Libyans  by Maltese embassy since 2011
Maltese man, 45, missing in Libya
Miriam Dalli
Malta, Libya reaffirm cooperation in health sector
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Cumbersome visa application procedure leads to second arrest in a week
At least 30 people feared drowned off Libya, IOM says
Sea captain detained in Libya returns home
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In the Press: Libyan court set to charge Maltese sea captain with smuggling