Illuminated signs proclaim Islamic State presence in Libyan city
Tripartite discussions on Libya’s future kick off at Villa Francia
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Libyan PM, cabinet ministers in Malta for official visit
EU concerned by Libya crisis, ‘underscores legitimacy of House of Representatives’
Egypt and Sudan to coordinate on Libya unrest
Suicide bomber targets pro-government fighters in Benghazi
Red Crescent calls for Benghazi ceasefire
Libyan army forces makes gains in Benghazi clashes
Deadly clashes in Libya leave at least 23 dead
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Vella ‘alarmed’ by advance of Islamic State ‘franchise’ in Libya
Jihadists claim Libyan city for Islamic State
Vella expresses optimism about Libya peace talks
British hostage freed by Islamist militants in Libya
Libyan soldiers killed in new Benghazi battle
Libya Dawn reject UN peace talks
Libya crisis wipes out projected €10 million revenues for Maltese firm
Libya instability ‘wreaks havoc on Malta businesses’
Malta present for Libya political talks
MaltaToday Staff
Malta ‘continues to keep’ Tripoli embassy open – government
PM chides international community over 'indifference' to irregular migration
'Malta prepared to help Libya regain stability' - PM
Embassy ‘actively seeking’ to transfer Libyan students to other countries
US implementing development programmes in Libya
Air Malta adds new frequency on Djerba in response to Libya impasse
Serving Libya nearly got me abducted
US government holding Libya conference in Malta
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