Tripoli faction boycotts UN talks
[WATCH] Tobruk-based government 'aspires' for unity government deal tomorrow
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Miriam Dalli / Jurgen Balzan
Libyan parliament backs UN peace plan
Power struggle freezes Libya’s vast assets
Top Al-Qaeda militant killed in US air strike on Libya
Libya’s elected parliament rejects UN unity government proposal
UN presents proposal for Libyan unity government
Libyan peace talks to continue today
Islamic State affiliate seizes Libyan airport
Tobruk-Tripoli feud over LIA, Libya Post continues in courts
George Vella warns of extremist threats in Libya, ‘alarming’ migration levels
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EU plan against migrant smugglers in Libya could include ground forces
Battle of Libyan sovereign funds spills over into Maltese courts
Libya opposes EU proposal for military action against human traffickers
Turkish cargo ship bombed near Tobruk port
EU to present brief for Libya military attacks to United Nations
AFM on stand by as Italy rescues 5,800 migrants off Libyan coast
Three dead in Benghazi rocket attack
Three men executed by IS for homosexuality in Libya
Five detainees admit to murdering seven reporters in Libya
Libyan chargé d’affaires says draft peace talks 'unfit' to end Libyan crisis
6 TV crew members found dead in Libya
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Italian fishing boat seized by armed men off Libya
Updated | NGOs call for safe, legal access to Europe after migrant tragedy
Two shot dead in attack on South Korean embassy in Libya
Bomb explodes outside Moroccan embassy in Libya
New British envoy to Libya
Matthew Vella
MIH lops €60.9 million off Palm City asset value
‘Libyan exodus has served Malta well’ | Joe Sammut
Libya’s financial exodus planting Malta roots
Crisis in Libya exposes failed EU
Three persons kidnapped in Libya evacuated to Malta
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Six dead, 20 injured in Misrata suicide bombing
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