Libya's Haftar forces recapture oil ports at Sidra and Ras Lanuf
Refugee child abuse rampant in Libya, UNICEF report warns
East Libya imposes travel curbs for those aged between 18 and 45
The EU plan: Libya is not Turkey
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74 dead asylum-seekers wash up on Libyan beach from boat with no engine
New flights to two Libya hot-zones raise security concerns
Libyan coastguard intercepts 1,131 asylum-seekers
[WATCH] Muscat adamant Libya deal is the right step: ‘Our first decent shot’
Italy and Libya sign memorandum on stopping migration flow
Libya considering letting EU ships chase people-smugglers in its waters
Afriqiyah Airways cannot operate flights to Malta
Italy police arrest four for smuggling arms to Iran, Libya
[WATCH] EU states and Commission agree: Turkey migration deal not applicable in Libya
European Commission shoots down migration deal with Libya
Malta wants EU-Libyan patrols to stop boat migrants
Medical visas investigation: Libyan’s death threats ‘were sent to himself’
George Vella casts doubt on EU-Libya migration deal
Italians and Serraj government meet on anti-smuggling plan
Afriqiyah hijack sheds light on persecuted Gaddafi supporters in Libya
[WATCH] Libyan hijackers remanded in custody, charged with terrorism-related offences
Man facing multiple charges jailed for 18 months
100 people feared drowned as boat sinks off Libya
14 wounded in Benghazi car bomb explosion
Malta hosts UN-led political dialogue on Libya • Vella warns against partitioning country
Slap on the wrist for drunk man who stoned parked car
Ministry urges ‘restraint’ in Libya after rival faction challenges UN-backed government
Libyan forces corner ISIS in Sirte
UK MPs place blame on Cameron's Libya intervention for country’s ‘collapse’
Rogue commander seizes Libya’s three oil ports
Malta part of operation to remove Libya's stockpile of toxic chemicals
Chargé d’affaires on alleged medical visas racket: ‘No Libyan citizen requested embassy’s help’
[WATCH] Over 6,000 migrants rescued off Libya
[WATCH] Chargé d’affaires denies reports of 'merger': 'There is only one Libyan embassy’
Alleged medical visas racket: Neville Gafa sues newspaper, Simon Busuttil for libel
Mediterranean rescue boat attacked in armed raid off Libya
Allegations of medical visas racket: police find ‘no evidence’ of criminal behaviour
Libya parliament votes 'no confidence' in UN-backed government
Libyan charged with attempted murder after stabbing
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Bodies of 120 refugees found on Libya shores in ten days
Libyan Presidency Council summons French ambassador over special forces in Benghazi