Updated | Government backing UN peacekeeping mission to Libya
Virtu Ferries to run Malta-Tripoli line
MaltaToday Staff
Philippine government spends €1.4 million on Malta ship for evacuations
Indians to be brought to Malta from Libya
[WATCH] Maltese man accuses government of abandoning oil workers in Libya
Update 5 | Three-year old migrant arrives from Libya
Miriam Dalli / Daniel Mizzi
Update 2 | Missing man located in Libya
Royal Navy ship helping to evacuate Britons from Libya to Malta
Scores die in gun battles in Tripoli
[WATCH] 251 passengers arrive on Hyundai-chartered ferry from Libya
Tripoli main fuel depot hit by rockets
British embassy in Libya ‘suspends operations’
Tunisia shuts Libya border following clashes
Italian Premier calls on EU nations to stay in Libya
Benghazi falls to Islamist rebels as evacuations continue
Islamists claim Benghazi as their ‘emirate’, Haftar denies
Eritrean pleads to have three-year-old son stuck in Libya brought to Malta
The other side of history
History repeats itself so much it stutters
Malta ready for urgent evacuations from Libya
Ship from Malta to evacaute thousands of Filipinos from Libya
Libyan confict spells bad news for crude oil prices
99 Maltese nationals remain in Libya
Miriam Dalli
Thousands of foreigners evacuated from Misrata
Third patient from Libya brought to Malta
Miriam Dalli / John Pisani
Third patient from Libya brought to Malta
Miriam Dalli / John Pisani
Shifting sands in Malta’s foreign policy
Libya seeks foreign help to battle Tripoli fuel tank fire [WATCH]
Updated | ‘Over a thousand daily calls’ made and received from Foreign Office crisis centre
Libyan airline companies deny airspace to be closed
Libyan airline companies deny airspace to be closed
American ambassador to Libya now based in Malta
To stay or to flee
Josanne Cassar
EU nationals urged to flee Libya fighting
Updated | EU nationals among passengers landing in Malta from Libya
Nurses union say bringing wounded Libyans to Malta is ‘not a rightful decision’
Libya crisis 'set to escalate after end of Ramadan'
Gaddafi’s son deployed in radio broadcast against Islamist threat
[WATCH] Two injured patients, relative brought to Malta from Libya
European envoys to Libya call for ceasefire