Libya Islamist militias 'seize Tripoli airport'
Malta not involved in anti-terrorism initiatives
Government facilitating payments due to Maltese companies in Libya
Mediterranean countries plan joint military drills over Libya unrest
Residents report warplanes over Libyan capital
800 Filipino workers return home, Daewoo orders second consecutive evacuation
Vella calls on EU to take central role in resolving Gaza conflict
Updated | Ship evacuating 800 Filipinos, five Maltese, arrives from Libya
Updated | Ship evacuating 800 Filipinos, five Maltese, arrives from Libya
Libyan Parliament disbands militias as heavy fighting in Tripoli continues
Oil tanker leaves Libya for Malta
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Matthew Vella
Libya’s head of police killed
Libyan patient succumbs to injuries
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Updated | Libyan central bank chief 'not in Malta'
Closure of Libya route causing Air Malta ‘substantial losses’ every month
Government rejects PN newspaper's claim that dead Libyan was brought over to Malta
UNHCR concerned on safety of asylum seekers in Libya
Libya calls for UN-supervised ceasefire
Government monitoring situation of Maltese businesses in Libya
‘Beam me up, Georgie…’
Raphael Vassallo
55 Maltese nationals to fly back from Libya, around 40 decide to stay
Reports suggest Egypt and Algeria considering military operation in Libya
George Vella meets Italian minister for European affairs
Malta retains envoy in Tripoli but calls on nationals to leave immediately
Updated | Government backing UN peacekeeping mission to Libya
Virtu Ferries to run Malta-Tripoli line
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Philippine government spends €1.4 million on Malta ship for evacuations
Indians to be brought to Malta from Libya
[WATCH] Maltese man accuses government of abandoning oil workers in Libya
Update 5 | Three-year old migrant arrives from Libya
Miriam Dalli / Daniel Mizzi
Update 2 | Missing man located in Libya
Royal Navy ship helping to evacuate Britons from Libya to Malta
Scores die in gun battles in Tripoli
[WATCH] 251 passengers arrive on Hyundai-chartered ferry from Libya
Tripoli main fuel depot hit by rockets
British embassy in Libya ‘suspends operations’
Tunisia shuts Libya border following clashes
Italian Premier calls on EU nations to stay in Libya
Benghazi falls to Islamist rebels as evacuations continue
Islamists claim Benghazi as their ‘emirate’, Haftar denies