‘Libyan exodus has served Malta well’ | Joe Sammut
Libya’s financial exodus planting Malta roots
Crisis in Libya exposes failed EU
Three persons kidnapped in Libya evacuated to Malta
All eyes on Tobruk, Tripoli representatives hoping for agreement on UN proposal
Six dead, 20 injured in Misrata suicide bombing
Updated | PN stands ready to support Malta’s efforts in helping Libya
Fuel smuggling from Libya financing militia conflict - UN
Peace talks in Libya very difficult and on verge of collapse, UN envoy warns
Second round of Libya talks continue in spite of attacks
Libya may become springboard for Islamic State - US State Department
Busuttil says Muscat failed persuasion test on Libya
Two gunmen in Bardo attack trained in Libya • ‘EU committed to help unity government’ – Muscat
Muscat faces 'persuasion test' on Libya, Opposition says
Ministry refutes claims ransom was paid for release of Maltese kidnapped in Libya
‘People need to know what EU strategy on Libya is ’ – Metsola
Turkey slams Egypt, UAE for claims it shipped weapons to Libya through Malta
EU and UN in talks to improve security in Libya
Update 3 | Maltese national suffering from gunshot wounds in Libya evacuated
ISIS threat to Libya 'real and imminent' warns UN envoy
Government ‘committed’ to help Maltese businesses in Libya
Gonzi says Libyans should embrace Malta’s effort in bringing unity to Libya
Foreign Affairs Minister hopes for reconciliation by Libya’s HoR
[ANALYSIS] Bringing on the (Libyan) apocalypse
Leaders must not bicker on Libyan conundrum
Seven civilians killed in Egyptian air strikes in Libya - Amnesty International
Libya parliament ‘suspends’ participation in peace talks
IS militants claim responsibility for Libya embassy bombings, rocket attack
Muscat pledges to chase hidden bank accounts everywhere, not just Switzerland
Minister insists Libya needs ‘adequate weaponry’ to fight terrorism, IS threat
Islamic State militants claim responsibility for suicide attacks in Libya
United Libya against ISIS ‘will have lasting peacekeeping effect’
Sirte residents say IS has seized university in the central Libyan city
Malta needs to play its security role to the fullest
United Nations needs Europe’s support over Libya - Abela
[WATCH] Malta ‘not keen’ on unilateral arms supply to Libya
Islamic State jihadists plan to use Libya as ‘European gateway’
Italy warns of Libya threat, US explores ISIS links
Egypt calls for support to Al-Thinni ahead of urgent UN meeting
Libya: Boots on the ground?
James Debono