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Isolated in more than one sense
Editorial 05-02

The results of the Greek elections have been interpreted as a major disruption of the economic direction in wh...
Transparency is a commitment, not a choice
Editorial 03-02

Briefly put, the electorate doesn’t need the Labour government to remind it of the failures of the forme...
A warning shot across the bows
Editorial 29-01

The rise of Syriza in Greece also reflects the failure of the aforementioned policy to reverse the slowdown wh...
Stopping the rot
Editorial 27-01

At this point, we must either resign ourselves to powerlessness in the face of an unsavoury culture that infec...
'Begging your pardon'
Editorial 22-01

As many had long suspected, the fuel procurement scandal revealed the existence of a deep-rooted culture of &l...
In need of a game changer
Editorial 20-01

The change in leadership of June 2013 has clearly not worked to reverse the political tide for the party in op...
The real price of freedom
Editorial 13-01

What set the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo apart from other media was the bravery and tenacity wi...
Lost in translation
Editorial 11-01

Malta's fifth referendum, to be held on 11 April, will mark the first instance of a referendum held t...
Violence towards women is not a game
Editorial 08-01

In a bizarre twist, the questionable initiative of a local football club very quickly turned into a political ...
2015: a year of change?
Editorial 06-01

One thing 2015 is also likely to illustrate is that public expectation from politics as a whole will also be h...
Fifteen years of MaltaToday
Editorial 31-12

As 2014 draws to an end, so does the 15th year of MaltaToday’s existence as an independent newspaper.&nb...
An eventful, if unhappy, year
Editorial 30-12

This year we have seen a dramatic escalation of tension and conflict in various parts of the world. 
President of a changing republic
Editorial 23-12

The President's office still retains an aura of quasi-sanctity, in a political climate where personal atta...
Too little, too late
Editorial 18-12

Bearing in mind that this review had been sparked by at least one death as a result of shortcomings in Malta&r...
The worst of the worst
Editorial 16-12

An inquiry into the death of Mamadou Kamara lifted the lid on many of the systemic problems within Malta&...