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Dealing with ‘national threats’
Editorial 24-09

Busuttil, who inherited a wounded party after the 2013 elections, knows he must reinvent an ideological identi...
The big ‘immigrant invasion’ lie
Editorial 22-09

In 2014 – a year since Italy’s Mare Nostrum rescue mission was downsized and replaced by Frontex&r...
Populism on oil prices doesn’t help
Editorial 17-09

Busuttil’s demands today immediately contrast with his immediate predecessor’s insistence on highe...
Blurred lines between Church and State
Editorial 15-09

Pope Francis’s reform has now streamlined the Ecclesiastic Annulment process by (among other things) sca...
Europe must not shirk its refugee obligations
Editorial 10-09

This is not merely a challenge to Europe’s organisational capability when confronted by an emergency &nd...
Europe divided over refugee crisis
Editorial 08-09

The reality we now witness forces us all to reassess this perception, and conclude that Europe has so far fail...
In child abuse, silence hurts more than scandal
Editorial 03-09

In such cases, the greatest erosion of trust may have less to do with the abuse in itself, than with the Churc...
Environment protection at an all-time low
Editorial 01-09

According to the SPED, development may be permitted in ODZ areas ‘where no other feasible alternatives e...
This is a human tragedy, not a ‘migration crisis’
Editorial 27-08

MaltaToday has taken an editorial stand to stop using the word migrant; a term which dehumanises the people ri...
Let’s not make IVF a political football
Editorial 25-08

we have one party’s women’s section accusing the other of being ‘non-functional’&helli...
Transparency is also part of energy security
Editorial 20-08

Even with the abundance of energy that will be made available to the island, and the security of supply it wil...
The media's role is also to engage
Editorial 18-08

Muscat may well have a point when he talks of an ‘existentialist crisis’ affecting the media, but ...
A national culture of dependency
Editorial 13-08

The time has come for both these parties to put their money where their mouth is. The current war of words reg...
Europe must have the courage to admit its failure
Editorial 11-08

Reacting to this umpteenth tragedy, the European Commission has issued a statement calling for ‘collecti...
Maltese politics is stuck in traffic, too
Editorial 06-08

There are indications that the traffic congestion currently afflicting Malta’s roads is causing more pro...