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Political parties are not above the law
Editorial 30-06

Even as the Nationalist and Labour parties spent years arguing over their respective plans to ‘rescue&rs...
White Rocks, or white elephant?
Editorial 26-06

While one welcomes the fact that a call for expressions of interest has been issued this time round, one canno...
Integration is not an option
Editorial 24-06

As has been rightly pointed out elsewhere, the single greatest barrier to integration remains fear… and...
The Iraqi crisis calls for a global approach
Editorial 20-06

So far news reporters have been reluctant to modify their terminology accordingly, but the reality is that &ld...
There is more than one kind of ‘worth’
Editorial 17-06

If the Muscat administration wants to live up to its earlier promise of a just and equitable society, it canno...
Malta needs to confront its weight problem
Editorial 12-06

Local and international studies suggest that weight problems, in particular among children, contribute directl...
Small steps forward, giant strides back
Editorial 10-06

The trapping precedent shows us how government achieves this aim, too: as a rule, by delegating responsibility...
Undermining democracy
Editorial 05-06

The biggest problem by far concerns the broader implications of this new hunters' petition, should the gov...
Lessons from the electorate
Editorial 03-06

Malta is changing; and unless its political parties likewise change, they will be simply left behind.
What the PN needs...
Editorial 28-05

There can be little doubt, then, who really needs to “wake up and smell the coffee”.
In need of a reality check
Editorial 27-05

There are indications that more people are switching off from the usual allure of the political parties.
The Church in a changing world
Editorial 22-05

Catholicism is changing, and the good news for the Maltese Church is that is has now both an indication of the...
Throwing money at private health
Editorial 21-05

Both Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil should refrain from promising that taxpayers’ money should be siph...
Defending the indefensible
Editorial 15-05

By disseminating private, compromising photos with a view to damaging the victim’s reputation – po...
The future of employment
Editorial 13-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has already declared that he is opposed to an increase in NI contributions to...