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A challenging time for the Church
Editorial 31-03

It is no secret that the Church Archbishop Charles Scicluna inherited has been going through a particular...
People should decide, not politicians
Editorial 25-03

Joseph Muscat's treatment of the hunting referendum has politicised the debate, in what is a betrayal of t...
A farewell to meritocracy
Editorial 24-03

Engerer’s European credentials are not under discussion here but rather the inescapable whiff of politic...
Ministerial discretion is the issue
Editorial 19-03

The National Audit Office report observed that a direct order on six months’ hedging on unleaded gas and...
Whistleblowers still unprotected
Editorial 17-03

Already the scope of application of this law is limited (and would de facto exclude the oil scandal, or any co...
A recipe for scandal
Editorial 12-03

As long ago as 2004, Minister Debono had been questioned regarding her husband’s position within the pub...
Two years: our assessment
Editorial 10-03

Two years ago the electorate proved again that no one is forever, and that democracy always, somehow, prevails...
This is not war
Editorial 05-03

The launch of the slick hunters’ campaign led to a swift and angry rebuke by the No campaign calling on ...
Government is not a business
Editorial 03-03

Had the government allowed matters to proceed in court it would have rightfully taken back a property valued a...
In praise of the principle
Editorial 26-02

Side-lining the obvious media sensation of the fact that the accounts in question were located in Switzerland,...
Taxation and morality
Editorial 24-02

There is no doubt that the political class has to be transparent and assure their constituencies that they adh...
Missing the wood for the trees
Editorial 19-02

Every ‘scandal’ is grist to the electoral mill for politicians, and Gonzi knows this perhaps more ...
Shooting the messenger is not an option
Editorial 17-02

In January 2013, MaltaToday published a cache of emails which revealed how former MOBC chief Frank Sammut had ...
It’s about more than two seats
Editorial 13-02

The way the discussion has since developed indicates that we are very far from solving the underlying systemic...
Partners in crime
Editorial 10-02

Under the scheme on offer, people are invited to pay hefty fines running into the hundreds of thousands of eur...